13 Unique Ways for Homeowners to Save Today

Did you know that there are thousands of special programs and discounts to help homeowners save money? The US economy thrives on homeownership, and the government and businesses find special and unique ways to work together to help encourage it. We’ve put together a list of our favorite mega savings that most homeowners can tap into and use to save, reinvest, and improve the quality of their lives.

EDITOR’S CHOICE: Home Values Skyrocket Helping Homeowners Tap Into Equity for Cash

Homeowners have a record amount of cash tied up in their homes. This cash can be used to renovate, consolidate debt, pay for a vacation, or tackle needed home repairs. It’s your cash, use it however you please.

As interest rates begin to drop lower, more homeowners are starting to tap into their home equity for cash-out refinancing. This can be a great option if you don’t plan on paying off your home (most homeowners don’t).

Monitor Your Credit Daily (no impact to credit score) for FREE

Get your free credit score and savings insights from Credit Sesame for FREE. No credit card is required to sign up, and the process takes just 90 seconds. Reports will show you any issues with your credit, and potential ways to boost your score.

Whether you want to make a major purchase or just make sure no one has taken a loan out using your personal information, monitoring your credit in today’s world is crucial. Take control of your personal finances and keep an eye out for fraud with a free account today.

Solar Rebate and Tax Incentives

High utility bills are on every homeowner’s mind these days. To make matters worse, homeowners have been dealing with grid issues and Mother Nature induced power outages. Solar energy has become significantly less expensive over the years, especially as the government has introduced fresh new incentives to help get more homes using it.

Rebates and tax credits add up, along with no cost programs provided by solar companies. Whether you want to break away from the grid entirely or just supplement your home for unexpected outages, the solar savings are starting to add up. Now might be the right time to go energy independent.

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Protect Your Property & Loved Ones with Home Security Systems (savings)

Home security has become increasingly popular over the past few years as technology has evolved. Shopping from home has changed how thieves operate in neighborhoods, along with how they scope out homes.

Systems today can be DIY installs, or done by professionals. In addition to major savings that home security companies are offering right now, many home insurance companies will give discounts big enough to offset monthly monitoring costs.

Find the system and monitoring company right for you and your home on Wise Money Life.

New and Used Car Prices Are Dropping FAST

After a historic rise in used and new car prices, that trend is finally reversing FAST. If you have been holding out for a new or used vehicle, now might be the right time as inventories pile up and new year models are hitting the lots.

The car market has experienced double digit drops as new buyers said, “we’ve had enough!” Manufacturers and dealers got the message. You can now find special incentives from manufacturers, dealers, lenders, and clubs like Costco (many of these paused or were cut significantly over the last few years).

Top Credit Card Companies Are Offering Major Incentives

Credit card companies have been offering attractive sign up incentives. Consumers have recently been taking advantage of travel cards, cash back cards, and balance transfer cards.

As the global economy has opened back up, using travel points has become a popular way to travel for less. These cards allow you to rack up points while you spend on everyday items. Cardholders may also benefit from special travel perks. Additionally, bonus points are typically awarded to new cardholders.

“Cash is king” is a popular phrase, and many consumers want cash back from their expenses. Many cards offer special cash back rates for expenses like groceries, gas, and dining.

Are you locked in a high interest rate and want to take advantage of sign up bonuses as well? Balance transfer cards might be right for you.

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Life Insurance Has Become More Affordable with More Options

Technology has made the process of finding and getting affordable life insurance easier. Whether you’re shopping for term or whole life insurance, shopping around can be one of the easiest ways to save on your monthly premiums.

Life insurance is a financial tool for making sure your loved ones are taken care of when you pass. Whether you’re worried about family taking care of the bills, or simply giving them a chance to take time off from work to mourn, coverage can be key to protecting them during an incredibly difficult time.

Protect Your Wallet from Unexpected Home Repairs

Don’t let major appliances like your A/C, refrigerator, or dishwasher breaking down ruin your 2021. Protect your wallet from unexpected home repairs with a home warranty plan.

Have you ever wished that your home insurance coverage helped with common repair or replacements? When your HVAC needs to be replaced, home insurance won’t cover the costs. That’s where home warranties, like ones provided by American Home Shield, step in to help.

Home warranty plans help cover the repair or replacement of major home systems and appliances (heating, A/C, plumbing, and more).

The Auto Insurance Bundle

As homeowners, you can tap into exclusive savings from insurance carriers simply by bundling your auto insurance with your homeowners insurance. These savings can compound over the years if you simply shop every 1-2 years for the best rates (most homeowners don’t shop around this frequently).

Shopping for the best rates more frequently can shave $100s annually, which adds up to $1000s over a lifetime.

Start shopping rates today.

Protect Your Wallet from Unexpected Auto Fixes

Maybe car prices haven’t fallen enough for you yet, and you want to make sure you’re not hit with an unexpected bill. If you drive a car that’s no longer covered by a warranty, an auto warranty program might be the right fit for you.

You can get an auto warranty quote in a minute or less. Start by sharing information about your car’s make and model, then receive instant quotes for extended protection and peace of mind.

Tackle Your Next Big Project with a Personal Loan, Up to $50k in 1-2 Business Days

Whether it’s your wedding, the honeymoon, or a home renovation, personal loans can be a great option for funding your next life event or project. There are a few advantages to personal loans to consider. One is the quick turn around. If approved, then your funds can be delivered into your account within a couple of business days. Second, personal loans make it a great opportunity to help fund a wide variety of needs or consolidate debt.

* Approval and loan terms vary based on applicant qualifications. Not all applicants will qualify for the full amount or lowest available rates.

Discover Debt Relief Solutions Based on Your Needs

Are you struggling with $15,000+ unsecured debt (credit cards, personal loans, etc)? A debt relief program might be right for you. These programs are developed to create a plan, potentially help reduce rates and monthly payments, and help you get out of debt faster.

See if you’re eligible for a debt relief program on Wise Money Life.

Replace Your Windows with No Money Down, No Interest, No Monthly Payments for 12 Months

Renewal by Andersen, a nationwide company, is known for their window quality and craftsmanship. Whether you need to replace a couple of windows in your home or all of them, their limited warranty, quality, and customer service have helped them stand above the rest.

Special savings direct from Renewal by Andersen are currently available. Additionally, federal tax credits for certain energy efficient home improvements may entitle you to up to $500 in tax credits for window, door, and skylight replacements.

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