Homeowner Tax Credits

There are a wide variety of homeowner tax credits and rebates available. These special credits and rebates are available to low and high income homeowners in the United States. Most tax credits and rebates serve as an incentive – whether that’s homeownership in general, safety, energy efficiency, or other.

These are the most popular tax credits available in 2023. This list does not cover every credit or rebate, especially on the local level. However, these do offer significant savings for homeowners. Once you discover a credit or rebate that matches your needs, we strongly recommend researching your state and local incentives as well.

Tax Credits for Homeowners in 2023

Credit TypeTax Credit/RebateNotes
Solar Panels30% tax credit if purchased before 2032.Credit decreases to 26% in 2033 and continues to tier off afterwards.
Electric VehiclesTax credit ranges from $2,500 to $7,500Offered to taxpayers who purchase a qualifying plug-in electric vehicle.
Windows, Skylights, Exterior DoorsMax credit is $600Windows must be Energy Star certified.
Heat PumpAll homeowners eligible for 30% federal tax credit, low income up to $9,750For low income, the entire cost of upgrading to a new heat pump could be covered completely.
Energy Efficient ImprovementsUp to 30% of the cost of qualifying home improvement projectsEnergy Star improvements including insulation, solar, HVAC, and more.
High Speed Internet$30/month off internet bill (not a tax credit), and up to $75/month off for homes on Tribal lands.Eligible homes could also receive a one-time discount up to $100 to purchase a laptop or computer. Terms apply.