Solar Playbook

The Solar Savings Playbook

Going solar has never been easier or more affordable. Learn more about why, how, and the benefits of adding solar energy to your home.

How it works

Lower costs of materials, tax incentives and rebates, and market growth have made going solar easier for homeowners.

  1. Tax Incentives
    Federal, state, and even local municipalities* are offering special incentives for homeowners to go solar.
  2. Cost of Material Have Dropped
    Due to market efficiencies and economies-of-scale, the cost of solar materials have dropped dramatically over the last few years**.
  3. Save $1,500 each year
    After the startup costs and rebates, an average home solar system could save a homeowner $25,500-$33,000 on electricity over the life of the system.***
  4. Flexible Options
    Most major solar companies offer financing and lease options. Both will still allow homeowners to resell excess power generated back to the grid (utility companies) where available.

Steps to Shopping for Solar.

Follow these easy steps to finding out if solar is right for you and your home.

Assess Your Shade

Homeowners that get the best bang for their buck have little to no shade over their roof. Before you shop for solar companies, get a realistic idea about how much sun your roof gets each day.


Residential solar systems are for homeowners only. As a homeowner, not only will you save on energy costs, but solar panels also increase home values.****

Compare Quotes

If you’re in a large metro area, then we recommend speaking to at least 3 solar companies. Knowledge, experience, and pricing can vary. Get quotes, and research online reviews.

Talk to Your Utility Co

Some electricity companies will purchase excess solar energy back from you. This can lead to even more savings. Talk to your power company to see if they offer this service.

Start Saving $1,500/yr on Your Power Bills

Take our free, no obligation quiz to calculate solar savings. Choose your monthly power bill to get started.

Solar Disclosures:

  • *
    – State and local incentives:
    – Federal Tax Credits:
  • **
  • ***
  • ****

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