Unveiling the Best Rate for Savings Account: Top Banks & How to Find Them

Searching for the best rate for savings account? We cover the top banks offering high APY accounts and key factors like minimum deposits & fees. Find the ideal option for your savings goals.
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Saving money is a habit we should all cultivate, and finding the best rate for savings account is essential to making that money grow. You work hard for your cash, so it only makes sense to park it where it will work hard for you. With interest rates fluctuating and different financial institutions offering different rates, it can be tricky to determine where to put your money. What bank has the best savings rate right now? Is 5% a good return for a savings account? I’ll tackle those questions head-on so you can maximize your returns and find the best rate for savings account that fits your financial goals.

For years, I relied on typical savings accounts offered by big-name banks, not really paying attention to the paltry interest rates. I mean, we’re talking about fractions of a percent – who cares, right? But after some research, I realized I was leaving serious money on the table. Switching to a high-yield savings account turned out to be a game-changer, significantly boosting my savings growth without any extra effort.

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Why A High-Yield Savings Account?

This is where high-yield savings accounts enter the scene. They offer significantly higher interest rates, helping your savings accumulate at a much faster pace. This means you can reach your savings goals sooner.

What makes these rates so high? Typically, online banks or institutions with less overhead offer high-yield savings accounts. They don’t need to invest in brick-and-mortar branches or costly physical infrastructure, and those savings are passed on to you through higher interest rates.

Let’s get into the details. When I was on the hunt for the best rate for savings account, a few key names kept popping up: SoFi and UFB Direct. Both consistently stood out with some of the highest Annual Percentage Yields (APYs) I’d seen.

As of June 2024, UFB Direct was clocking in at an impressive 5.25% APY on their High Yield Savings Account. This means for every $10,000 you stash away, you’re looking at a potential $525 in interest over a year. SoFi, on the other hand, offered a competitive 4.60% APY (as of June 2024). You may be asking, what’s the catch? Is 5% a good savings rate? In the world of savings, 5% is an incredible rate. That kind of APY far outstrips the meager offerings from most brick-and-mortar banks, and that difference translates into serious gains for you. Even a seemingly small increase of half a percentage point can make a substantial difference over time, due to the magic of compound interest. With compounding, the interest earned on your principal also begins to earn its own interest – essentially a snowball effect of financial growth.

Understanding Money Market vs Savings

Don’t be thrown off if you see a bank advertising a high rate on a “Money Market Account.” Traditionally, these accounts allowed for check writing, but now most, such as TotalDirectBank, operate similarly to a high-yield savings account. To really be sure about the features, though, review each account’s terms and conditions.

Evaluating Savings Accounts Beyond Rate

Of course, the APY isn’t the only thing to consider when looking for the best rate for savings account. Be sure to think about: minimum opening deposit, fees (like monthly maintenance fees), and user friendliness.

A couple of banks need a little more cash to open the account. Some high yield accounts require a minimum opening deposit requirement of $100-500, while others might ask for $1,000 to secure their best savings account rates. Some of the banks we like the most offer accounts with no monthly maintenance fees and no minimum deposit to open an account.

Key Features to Consider

A key thing to look out for, especially with online banks, are convenient features like mobile check deposit or the ability to link a checking account to streamline your money management. If you’re tech-savvy and prioritize user experience, UFB Direct stands out. Not only does UFB Direct offer a tempting 5.25% APY on their Secure Savings Account, but they provide features like an ATM card and mobile check deposit.

What if the interest rates change? One thing that always stuck with me was reading about what happened in 2019. The Fed has already increased interest rates significantly in recent years. So there’s a good chance, experts believe, that there will be rate cuts later in 2024 and into 2025.

When the Federal Reserve lowers rates, it directly affects savings account rates too – which means those sky-high APYs you see today might not last forever. While these impressive high-yield rates might be subject to adjustments down the line, they still represent a significantly better deal than parking your cash in a traditional account with next to no growth.

You might want to move fast. The key is to seize these opportunities while they last, but always make sure to stay updated on any upcoming rate changes so you can pivot your savings strategy accordingly.

FAQs about best rate for savings account

What bank has highest interest rate on savings account?

Right now, UFB Direct has one of the highest interest rates available on a savings account at 5.25% APY, more than twelve times the FDIC’s national average of 0.45%.

Where can I get 7% interest on my money?

While it may be challenging to find a guaranteed 7% return on a savings account today, there are a few other options like Certificate of Deposit (CDs) where you could get returns closer to that amount. However, interest rates have already started to fall. The highest interest rates on CDs is closer to a high yield savings account. To earn 7% on your money, you will need to explore other options like stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds.

What bank has the best savings rate right now?

Several online banks offer highly competitive rates. Right now, SoFi, CIT Bank, Discover, UFB Direct, and a few others all boast impressive savings rates.

Is 5% good for a savings account?

Yes. 5% is fantastic for a savings account compared to traditional accounts which offer around 0.45%. With compounding, even small increases in rate can really boost your earnings in the long run.


Ultimately, finding the best rate for savings account means actively researching and choosing an option that fits your needs. High-yield accounts are a great way to accelerate your progress. Remember, you worked hard for your money, so let it work just as hard for you. Start by identifying banks with impressive APYs like My Banking Direct and Poppy Bank. From there, delve deeper into features, minimum balances, and fees, ensuring they align with your financial preferences. Don’t just settle for a “good” interest rate when there’s a chance to get the best rate for savings account.



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