Homeowners Are Scrambling to Claim Their Benefit (up to $355/month) Before It Expires

Homeowner Mortgage Reduction Stimulus
Homeowner Mortgage Reduction Stimulus

Feds are urging homeowners to take advantage of HARP – the mortgage reduction stimulus.

UPDATE: The HARP program has expired as of 1/1/2019. There are other great mortgage programs available to help with refinancing and purchasing a new home.

  • Homeowners can claim up to $4,264 a year
  • Government wants to pay off your current mortgage
  • HARP program is free to check eligibility
  • Lower your interest rates
  • Check eligibility in just 2 minutes

Homeowners Want to Reduce Their Mortgage Payments

As a homeowner, you know the value of building owning over renting. However, many homeowners feel the squeeze that mortgage payments can sometimes cause on our financial lives. That’s why the government passed HARP in 2009, a forgotten homeowner stimulus plan that helps the Middle Class reduce mortgage payments up to $4,264 a year ($355/month).

Homeowners have been scrambling to claim their benefit before it expires in 2018. The HARP program was a brilliant stimulus, and has helped over 3.3 million Americans so far. Time is running out to claim the benefit, and the government is urging homeowners to check eligibility as soon as possible.

Middle Class Homeowner Mortgage Reduction

HARP, a totally free government program, is making banks furious because the government wants to pay off your current mortgage and get you away from paying years of high interest rates. The HARP program is credited to helping most homeowners save an average of $355/month on their mortgage payments.

Homeowners in the United States are using HARP to save more each month, so that they can put more money away for retirement, college funds, or simply reducing financial stress. Find Out if You Qualify for FREE.

Do I Qualify for the Mortgage Reduction Benefit?

It is believed that there are still homeowners that are eligible for HARP, but they haven’t claimed their benefit yet! If you owe more than $100,000 on your mortgage and were born before 1985. then you might qualify for HARP.

Checking eligibility is easy, FREE, and takes just 2 minutes or less!

Do I Qualify? Check Eligibility for Free!




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