The Best Places to Find Apple Deals

If you live near an Apple Store, it’s always fun to walk in, see, touch, and interact with devices. Whether you buy online or in store from Apple, the process is as easy as using their devices. But are you getting the best deal? Not always. While buying directly from Apple during certain times of the year might land you a great deal, authorized retailers might be able to get you an even sweeter one.

We’re going to cover the best authorized Apple retailers, and where you can find hidden savings without the hassle. That also means we’re only focusing on reputable retailers. Sure, you might be able to get an even better deal from some no-name-site, but you also might be getting scammed.

Keep in mind, these authorized retailers are typically going to have the same or similar pricing as you would find at Apple. There are exceptions though, and that’s what we’re going to discover.

Buying Apple Products at Costco

Costco shopping for Apple HomePod mini, 2-pack

Costco boasts a 93% membership renewal rate, which is a testament to how their loyal customers feel about the company. They’re known for quality of products, services, and satisfaction. Over the last few years, Costco has become a major seller for Apple. You can find the newest and most popular devices in the warehouse or online.

The best Apple deals at Costco occur around holidays. If you’re shopping for new AirPods, HomePods, or Apple TV 4K devices, you can typically find deals throughout the year. Shoppers that might not live near an Apple Store but do live near Costco will get a great experience here, even when prices aren’t slashed.

Costco carries Apple’s core products: Audio, computers, laptops, and Apple TV. You can even buy subscriptions there as well. You will miss out on customizations that you can typically get through an Apple Store experience.

In addition to regular discounts, Costco credit card holders and Executive members get cash back rewards.

Apple’s Amazon Store

Apple iPad Pro on Amazon

Yes, Apple has an official Amazon presence. Sales seem to change almost daily as well, so it might be a great opportunity if you’re patient. Similar to Costco, buyers will miss out on customizing their computer or device. If that’s not an issue, you can find some great Apple deals on Amazon.

We like Amazon because they’re a reputable marketplace. If Apple has an official presence, you can have some peace-of-mind. Prime users can take advantage of special Prime shopping opportunities, and shipping options. Of course, Amazon also has a fairly easy return/exchange policy.

Prime Day is when you will find some of the best Apple deals on Amazon. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait for a random deal to pop up. Brand new product releases are rarely discounted immediately. However, you can typically find some amazing discounts on older products (with limited inventory).

Target Has a Major Apple Presence

This might be surprising to many, but Target is one of the best places to find Apple discounts. RedCard holders will typically get the biggest bang for their buck here. If you’re a RedCard holder, you can save 5% on Apple devices.

Similar to the other retailers listed above, sales tend to roll on certain products throughout the year. Target is a great place to find deals on AirPods, accessories like Apple Pencil, or Beats audio products.

We like buying through Target because of the extra RedCard savings, most consumers likely live near one, and they regularly offer special online sales. Returns are easy to process, and shipping is fast as well.

Apple and Target have teamed up so that there are official Apple “shop-in-shops” in many locations. As of 2022, there were more than 150 Target locations with the Apple shop-in-shops, and many more are to come. This can make the Apple purchasing process even easier within your local Target.

For customers that like to see, feel, and interact with devices in person before buying, Target is a great choice for Apple deal hunting. They also carry a significant amount of accessories – for example, this might be perfect for Apple Watch buyers.

The Wrap on Apple Discounts

Apple doesn’t discount their products often, but there are deals to be found. Most importantly, there are deals from reputable retailers. We strongly recommend buying new or refurbished electronics from official retailers like Amazon, Costco, and Target, to avoid any major issues (like never receiving your device in the mail). The peace-of-mind for consumer protection and customer service is totally worth it.

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