Travel Rewards Calculator

If you’re shopping for a travel rewards credit card, it’s important to understand how the rewards system works. Rewards are typically called Miles, Rewards, or Points. The major credit card issuers have their own travel booking engine. It works just like other major booking sites, and most are very easy to use. Here’s how you can calculate what your points are worth.

Calculate Your Travel Rewards

It Gets Even Better

In our calculator, most cards give a fairly consistent conversion for dollars to point values. Chase has a more complicated formula, and it depends on the exact card you’re using. Other issuers keep the points system simple, but give certain cards more or less rewards when booking directly.

For example, a Capital One Venture X cardholder will get 1 mile for every $0.01 spent. If the cardholder books a trip with Capital One Travel, they get 10x the rewards for hotel and rental car bookings, 5x miles on flights, and unlimited 2x miles per dollar on all other purchases. In this case, a Venture X cardholder would earn 2 miles for every $0.01 spent or 100 miles for every hotel booking made using Capital One Travel for every $10 spent on hotels.

Frequent travelers might enjoy a more premium travel rewards card for the extra ways to earn rewards. $0 annual fee cards come with less ways to earn extra points, but it might fit your current lifestyle better.

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